Getting there

I wanted to keep you updated on my progress with the break-up.

First of all I feel a need to express gratitude to everyone who has ever commented on my blog, everyone who has inspired me with their blogs and to WordPress for creating the ability of having a blog in the first place. After one week I already felt a hundred times better than before I had this blog. I should never stop blogging, even if nobody reads my posts: they are actually saving me!

Commenters & followers: you are saving me!

I love sharing my thoughts with you, I love it when you disagree, I love it when you simply say this might be my best break up ever and that makes me want to make it the best break up ever for real.

So I’ve already told you I did the first part of my restyling last Wednesday. After that I have been going through my clothes, throwing out the stuff that I already had for a long time and wasn’t right for my type. The other clothes that are wrong for me, but are quite new I’ll be keeping, just in case I find a way to make it look right. I have been taking care of myself, knowing more about my personality, accepting my personality and communicating with more self-esteem to new people. This is the first time in my life I actually manage to talk to people – of whom I expect to look down on me (f.e. the gorgeous women who work at the solarium) – with full confidence, simply not caring what they think because I feel good. I know this might sound silly for some confident people amongst you, but to me it’s major.

Anyhow: I thought I would put up some pictures of me for just one week, so that my followers can see who I am…

I’ll remove these pictures in one week :) just before someone I know can find this blog and realize it’s me. Silly I know, but like I said in the about me part: I’ve been through misery before when someone found out about my previous blog. I don’t like writing for people I know in real life, because they will get to know me in a very intimate and personal way… and that makes me too vulnerable in my opinion.

Then I have been on a dating site just about as long as I have been writing this blog. So that means: about two weeks. I have been writing with many men and it has been quite interesting. Some of them want to meet me to go snowboarding, which I love, so I’ll have a snowboard-buddy who can help me get started with my new hobby. Some of them want to secure me at wall climbing, so I won’t have to depend on just one friend anymore. Most of them just want to have drinks or dinner with me.

I am trying to enjoy the male attention, seeing where things go… taking things extremely slow by preference. One of them seems very special to me. He has about the same hobbies I have… but I guess you can find a lot of people who have the same hobbies… this guy also shares my interests (taking care of the environment as much as we can) and that is rare to me. So he might become a problem, since I think I will expect much from our first meeting (probably this weekend). But we’ll see, I don’t want to be the fool again and rush things.


Last but not least: I’ve booked my sky diving initiation (tandem skydive). I will probably jump the 22nd of June; depending on the weather and other factors. I am so excited and I know I will be afraid when I finally have to jump, but I’m doing this so I can feel like I can do anything after that…

let’s see how that goes and let’s see if it’s true that I will feel like that.

As you can read I am choosing ME in this break up. I will not dwell too much on the past but look forward instead. It has all been a lesson and even though sometimes I wish I could go back to our first months together, I know I have many first months with someone else in my future. And they might be better :)

I’ll keep you posted…


5 responses to “Getting there

  1. Wow! You are stunning! Believe me you won’t have any problems finding someone! You might end up beating them away with a stick because they are so many! :D. I’m loving the transformation. Enjoy the attention. You’re a good looking woman. I bet they’re all at the foot of the tree fighting to get to the top! What an apple to fight for! Remember it’s still early days and you’e still vulnerable. You can fall easily if you’re not careful. Let them come to you, enter into your world before you leave the house and enter theirs. Good luck with the skydive thrill seeker :D

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