I just realized how terrible it is that when I forgot my iPad at my friend’s house, I missed it… because I like reading all the blogs I follow right before I go to bed, instead of a book. It’s terrible because I only have the thing because of my ex, I could live perfectly without it, and now I am attached to it: besides the fact that I hate to be addicted to anything – it is making my life so much easier ^^


I am a starting belly dancer and we are currently learning a dance to the song addictive by Truth hurts and that is what inspired me for this title.

This will be a short post: I have my first date tonight and it’s with the guy I wrote about earlier. I just prepared myself a bit more by going through his profile and reading our messages again. And… it’s incredible. I don’t know if all of this is for real, but if it is this could be a match made in heaven. I’m trying to stay realistic though.

I’m hoping to be writing about this tonight :) so I’ll keep you posted (tonight will be in 9 hours max, the date is in less than 3 hours)

Wish me luck!

ps: this date was made on a dating site that uses psychological analysis tests to see with who you will match, I don’t know what the maximum matching points are, but with me there was a guy that had a score of 116, this guy has a score of 109… I am very curious and excited and well kind of nervous ^^


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