Letter to the ex

In case you were wondering: I will certainly not send this. But to vent my heart; here it is, my last words to him:


Dear J,
You might have been wondering why I let things end the way they did and why you are still getting no sign of life from me. Just as I am wondering why you disappeared. But my truth is; at the time I just didnโ€™t realize what was happening. All I felt was a longing for you in my life, as I admired the person you were and being in your presence made me feel good. I felt loved, needed even and loved you back for it. You made me see that it was all possible for me, that love could happen for me too. Even though in the end we seemed to forget those moments where we were first connected.

Today I realise that everything indeed happens for a reason. Even though I still care about you tremendously, I now see how we could never work out. I realize that being with me made you unhappy and at the same time, even though I felt deeply about you, our relationship made me very unhappy aswell. So I guess in the end we were both trying to receive something from a dried-out wishing well.

I still have a lot of feelings left. I have seen your pictures on Facebook accidentally (my phone keeps putting your fb posts first), I have read your latest status update… and it does get to me a little, I have a soft spot for you and that might be there for a while even after I write this.
I still cry sometimes, I still miss you and think about you every day but at the same time I am happier now then I have been in a long time. It actually makes me sad to see that I still care this much. I don’t want to feel a thing when you pop into my life through some random Facebook status. So I am letting go, I am letting go of the final feelings I have towards you, those final stringsโ€ฆ so that I can go on and find a greater love somewhere else. I hope you treasure some of our great moments together and live a happy ever after.
I wish us all the best,



8 responses to “Letter to the ex

  1. Hey, you loved the person so deep. I can feel the love you have for him/her. In the end love has to be from both sides and should be strong to go through thick and thins of life. One who loves sincerely always have the pain. But go ahead with life as you cant clap with one hand. Time is a miracle will change your life full of smiles. Keep your thoughts flowing as words… Peace and Love.

  2. This is such a beautiful letter! Even though you aren’t together anymore, it sounds like he had a beautiful spot in your memory and added some color to your life’s painting. :)

    • Indeed; I am trying to focuss on the good memories rather than the bad, because feeling bad doesn’t get me anywhere. I’ve learned a lot from this relationship and think I came out a better person afterwards…

  3. Woah! That was heavy. I remembered something from a conversation a few years back with someone. When two things are glued together and you pull them apart there are remnants of each thing on the other. Sometimes you can scrape off the bit that is left behind, sometimes you can’t. There will be parts of him still on you and vice versa. It’s good to accept, admit and express these feelings. It’s all a part of the healing process. It will get easier. ;)

  4. I could really relate to your writing….more so because i too went through the same emotions at one point of time :-( and yeah…everything happens for a reason, so that you can let things go…and make way for better things to come into your life :-)

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