The ‘scents’ of smell

The smell of freshly cut grass… Reminds me of my childhood and summer. Only bad thing: I’m also allergic for it during July (hay fever) so it also reminds me of that and that’s less nice.

Barbecues also remind me of my childhood and summer obviously

The smell of wood burning reminds me of winter :) very cosy.

Axe deodorant in the fragrance “Africa” reminds me of my first boyfriend… and so my adolescent years.

I completely adore the taste and smell of cinnamon…



I was waiting at the bus stop tonight on my way home when this woman walked past me. She was wearing a fragrance that I haven’t smelled for about 20 years! I kid you not! My high school girlfriend wore the same perfume!  All of a sudden I was back in Jamaica at my old high school reminiscing about the good times and the laughs we had, not just together as a couple but the times with our mutual friends. What an amazing memory. Such happy times…by far the best of my life!

Is there a particular scent that reminds you of a place or someone? A scent that takes you back to a pleasurable time or experience? A scent that reminds you of something or a place or someone not so pleasant? For me it’s the smell of the sea, the smell of jerk smoke billowing out of a…

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2 responses to “The ‘scents’ of smell

  1. My best friend has son sense of smell. Never has and probably never will. It’s so frustrating!! I’ll tell him how bad something smells and he’ll look at me like I’m an alien. *duh. No sense of smell*. It’s so hard to try and describe something without smelling it

    • It must be terrible if you don’t have a sense of smell… I’m guessing you cannot taste foods properly either (I’ve read somewhere that part of the tasting experience comes through ‘smelling’).

      Thanks for your comment!

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