The end of things

So here we are, one successful date later :)

I cannot remember a time in my life that I have been in a male’s present and laughed as much as I did yesterday. It was amazing, I don’t know if he felt the same way or that all his dates are likely to end up like this because of his bubbly personality. But I’m happy that I met him anyhow :)


I actually really needed it since last week there was another break up in the family. My (younger) cousin has been with her boyfriend the longest as anyone else in the family (apart from the married people). They were together for ten years… with me often being envious of them because they found each other so early: I could have never guessed that they would break up right in the middle of buying their first property. They have been each others first loves and I’m sad to see that it won’t last even though I thought they would.

Even just last week I was comparing my life to hers, thinking: where did she find this great guy and how did she manage to make him commit to her in the way he did and still does (since the break up is her initiative). I hope she is not making a giant mistake and realizes that single life isn’t always more fun then life as a couple is (she claims there is nobody else, the feeling has just gone).

Her parents are devastated as they are trying to figure out what to do with the property, how to work through their emotions as they felt as if her boyfriend was their own son (after having him around for ten years). I wonder what will happen with their communal group of friends. I hope her ex is doing ok, I know how a break up feels like when you didn’t see it coming and I can imagine that it’s my pain times ten for him. I also hope that he won’t let this event affect him, so he can still be as loving and giving in his next relationship (unlike my ex). I hope they’ll all be ok.

To me it almost feels like (some) people in a seemingly good relationship can’t wait to get out and (some) people who are single cannot wait to get into a relationship with someone. Is this the idea of: you want what you don’t have at work here?


9 responses to “The end of things

  1. After a failed marriage I’m not sure if I can be in or even sustain a relationship. It hurt me badly and my self confidence has been shattered. People say you meet people when you least expect it, so I’m living by that as opposed to trying to find someone or wishing I was in a relationship. I do miss being with someone but my heart is safer in my own hands.

    • I feel exactly the same as you, even though I haven’t been married. I’m still trying a bit, that’s why I’m dating, but sometimes I fear that I am not relationship material. Anyhow: dates like these give me hope… Maybe there really is someone for my awkward self ^^

      Bless you! Have a great night. Is London also hot today… 30 degrees

      • Haha…There’s someone out there for everyone I suppose. Not too bad in London today. Not the sunniest of days but quite warm It was 22 degs when I last checked. Can’t remember the last time it hit 30!

      • Not sure about pleasant weather. We can have 3 seasons in a day sometimes! It’s very inconsistent. Fortunately it hasn’t been too bad the last few days.x

      • When I was living in London (5 months), I only needed my umbrella twice :) and I remember the sun being out every morning and then it would either get cloudy, stay sunny or twice started to rain… later before noon. Very different from continental weather :)

    • We had an instant connection and the same sense of humour. So I knew how to make him laugh, and he knew as well… It happened in the first fifteen minutes of the date :) after that everything was excellent.

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