78 days…

Only 78 days (11 weeks) until I move. And time could not go fast enough for me at the moment. I’m ashamed to say so, but I haven’t been enjoying summer as I should just because I know I’ll be moving and there is (almost) nothing I want more at the moment. I want all the pieces to fall into place; everything sorted, a true new beginning.


I have been a bad blogger again. Said I would only leave for a week and went away for another month. I have been busy with all kinds of things; discovering Rome, dating, finding myself some more, fitnessing, picking up my sister from her walk to Santiago de Compostela.

I’m still not the person I aspire to be, I don’t know if I’ll ever get there but at least I’m trying. So knowing I’m not standing still gives me strength to move on.

Things that I have changed for the better: I’m cooking on a daily basis and changed my lifestyle into as healthy as possible.

Thing I desperately want to change: I want to make a better effort at work. I want to do better. So that should be my next first priority, since all other aspects of my life seem to go fine as they are.


9 responses to “78 days…

    • I’m not sure if you can see it already… but I have a new gravatar, this is actually me. And I’d be lying if the picture wasn’t inspired by you. See: yesterday I was checking on your blog and your smile just made me want to be you…

      Now, when I look at this picture (that I took today) I actually start smiling already :D so Thank you :p even though you didn’t need to do anything special!

  1. Welcome back. I’m glad you’re keeping busy and discovering new places. The 11 weeks will go quicker than you expect so hang in there :). I’ve been quite busy myself since we last spoke. I’ve managed to land myself a new job and have been quite busy with the camera too. I’m just ‘being’ at the moment, quite happy to go with the flow and enjoy my time off. Besides the move I hope you’ve got more exciting things planned. I applaud your bravery for doing the skydive. I don’t think I could do it! Yes I’m a wimp!

    I don’t think anyone is the person they aspire to be as we are always changing our appearances, mindsets, beliefs and opinions for many different reasons. The point is you are changing things for you and that’s the important thing. You are special and no matter how much you change your eating habits, outlook on life, relationships, etc. you will always be special and that will never change. Keep smiling. ;)

    • Thank you so much :) very inspirational ^^

      I think you could go tandem sky diving, but just not on your own… at least: that is how I feel. I am so afraid to jump on my own, so I won’t go that far. As soon as I got ready for the car to leave to the airplane, as soon as I actually got on the car: all the nerves I had been experiencing the entire day just faded away. And I just went with it. It’s an experience I’ll never forget :) and I actually start smiling when I think of it.

      Btw check the new gravatar: that’s me today ^^ smiling in the colors of the style analasys :D

      Your life sounds so exciting now :) a new job. When do you start?

      Actually… since I bought the studio, all things I can do have to be for free or cheap, because I’ll have to be carefull so maybe I could save some money. That’s also part of the reason as to why I only look forward to small events like: snowboarding tomorrow, drive-in movie next Tuesday, dinner with my mom (for mother’s day), etc.

      I like your stand on “being” in the moment, I think I’m going to try that too :) I mean: boohoo I am single again :) if you look at it very critically, it’s not even such a bad thing :D rediculous that I let it get me down like that.

      Thank you so much for your comment! Have to continue working now…

    • I will :) (maybe tonight when I’m not working) Well if I could give you one tip I would say: take it step by step.

      I started with eating fruit as breakfast. After a while I added eating soup (as much as I want) as lunch and anything in the evening. Now I changed to fruit or smoothie in the morning, anything (healthy preferebly) at lunch and soup in the evening :) (since I started fitnessing and the trainer said I should eat my carbs before 2 in the afternoon.

      But you can also be smart with “addictions” :p I’m not really addicted but I could eat a big bag of potato chips easily… now whenever I feel the urge and I cannot change my mind, I take a 2 km walk to the vending machine (with my dog) and 2 km walk back :) also: I only take a small bag :)

      You see: very small steps can make a difference :) (lost 3,5 kg this way, for the record: my bmi is healthy, I’m just trying to get rid of the eternal 5 kgs)

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