Sweet girl

So a few weeks have passed… again :) it’s because of the moving day coming closer, I promise :) once I get more organized everything will be regular here :)


So I have been dating some more and I met someone with whom I can get along very well. The conversation was effortless and we both didn’t want to end the date to go home. One thing though… I’m not (yet) physically attracted to him… and that makes me wonder: how important should physical attraction be? Will it grow over time? Am I thinking about the wrong things when I choose men I wish were my boyfriend?

And after months (two) of absence… one of the men from the first few weeks on the dating site has resurfaced. He was supposed to make dinner for me in June or Juli (I forgot), but he cancelled the day before, saying something came up, but we would reschedule. Now… months later he said that he still owed me that dinner. This is a guy that I do find attractive, but knowing that I have been picking guy’s for the wrong reasons in the past… I didn’t reply to his message. I know it is rude, but I just don’t trust his motives to contact me after such a long time of absence.

I am trying to change my picking-habbits here :) so: any advice? Am I right to believe there is more potential in the first one, even thought I am not attracted to his appearance yet, but I AM a good match for his personality? And to just let the second one go, because he doesn’t seem sincere, like I don’t believe I can trust him later on if he shows this behaviour now already?

Would I be too kind if I did reply to the second one’s text? (that’s where the title comes from :) but I’ve learned not to be too kind anymore, since “they” only take advantage of that)

Am I just flipping trying to make the right choice? :D Tell me what you think…


4 responses to “Sweet girl

  1. I think you should trust your instincts. If you think first guy has an agenda and you’re not comfortable, politely let him off the hook. He might have been busy but to not contact you for 2 months then suddenly resurfacing sounds a bit dodgy. If he’d kept in touch during this 2 month period then you would know that he’s serious.
    If you’re not physically attracted to new guy you should let him know because he might be physically attracted to you. If you keep seeing him he might think he has a shot. I’m not ssaying that your feelings can’t change over time but I think you should let him know as soon as possible. The ball would be in his court then, so to speak. Good luck and let us know how it goes. Not long before you move house now. You excited? :)

    • I can see your point… but I do have to admit that I have trouble trusting my judgement, since I haven’t chosen the right persons in the past. I know they “taught me something”, but I’d rather just find “the one” and skip all the heart ache next time. We’ll see if that’s possible.

      I don’t really believe in the fact you can be too busy… to send a text :) it just takes a second. So… I think it’s just dodgy either way. We believe he probably chose another girl and when that didn’t turn out the way he liked… he came back. I don’t need someone like that.
      And I choose to believe: if it’s meant to be, he will be back…
      With the physical attraction it might work out different, I’d rather not say because it would change things AND I know (from past experience) that I can grow past the physical attraction-thing, as long as there isn’t a thing that I really dislike. Something you cannot look past I mean.

      But thanks for the advice, I am definitely keeping your male perspective in mind if we ever have a second date :)

      I am extremely excited about moving :) time cannot pass too quickly at this point. And at the same time: time should go slower because there is too much to do! :)

      How have you been? Did you start your dream job?

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